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Best free movie streaming sites to watch free movies online

For killing boring  movies are the perfect way to get entertained. That’s why every people like to watch movies, and most of us like action and romantic Hollywood and Bollywood movies. And in this modern era best way to watch movies is watching movies online. Because its time consuming and it will save lots of HDD and memory space and also on online you don’t need to worry about data space or timing, you can watch unlimited movies anytime anywhere you want. You just need a good internet connection and need to purchase a good data subscription pack. And now 3G is available on everywhere, so you don’t need to worry about slow streaming. Incase if you unable to use high speed internet then you can download it on your mobile or PC. But the problem is not every free movie streaming sites are good and fast and this is the one and only problem for users. Therefore for your need we are here to give you a LIST of best free movie streaming sites from where you can watch your favorite movies without any problem, so here is the list.


Best free movie streaming sites to watch free movies online


Crackle is a very famous free movie streaming site to watch free movies. For watching movies on crackle you don’t need to sign in or sign up, but if you signed is then you will get notified if they upload any new movies on their site and if you don’t want then leave it. You also can search movies by categories like action, drama, comedy, romantic and many more so visit crackle and watch your favorite movies.


Wolowtube is another best free movie streaming site that you can add on your list. Here you can get all categories of your movies, because they have huge collection of movies. No registration is required for watching movies just visit the site select your desire movie and watch on your phone or laptop.


Hulu is very popular free movie streaming site in worldwide. Here you will find every favorite movie with ease, they have almost every movie on their server, and they also provide TV shows as well. So you will get complete package of entertainment. But recently you can watch movies on Hulu only from United States. So if you are a United States user then hulu is the best site for you.

Final words

So this is the end of this article, there are many sites are available to watch free movies. But above mentioned sites are best and popular. Hope you found this article helpful. If you like this post then do share and leave your feedback.

How to download torrent files with idm

Torrents are very useful to download any files like movies, software’s, games or anything you want. But downloading torrents it’s not that very easy especially if you have slow internet connection. For download any files normally we use internet download manager but to download torrent files you need to have torrent download manager on your PC, but download speed of torrent download managers are not good and if you have slow internet connection then it will be more difficult for you. So there is a way to download torrent files with IDM, and with IDM you will get better download speed then torrent download manager,  so how t do it? In this article I will show you how you can download torrent files with IDM.

torrent with idm

Download Torrent Files With IDM

So first you need to search for best torrent sites to get good quality torrent file you can use, it’s a torrent search engine, here you can find the list of best torrenting sites you can visit any of them and download your desire torrent file. After that you need to convert those torrent file to direct link from torrent caching sites and the sites are below.


Zbigz is a torrent catching cloud storage site from where you can download your torrent files directly with IDM.

  1. Just head over to and create a free account using your mail address.
  2. After that click on upload button, now choose your torrent file from your computer/PC. Now click on go button
  3. Now select free if you are using free account.
  4. Now it will catching your torrent file wait for few minutes, caching speed depend on your torrent file quality.
  5. After caching click on download button your download will star automatically.


Putdrive is another personal cloud storage service that can enable you to download torrent with IDM. And it’s a superfast cloud service; you can store your files here. It has free and premium service for their users, but on free version it has few limitations of file storage and downloading speed. For ultimate feature you have to select premium subscription.

  1. So go to and create a free account, and log into it. You can also sign up with your Facebook account.
  2. After that browse your torrent file and upload it and it will catch your torrent file for few minutes. Now click on download, and your download will start automatically.

Final Words

There are also many sites available like Boxopus, bytebx and more. If your internet connection is slow then those sites are perfect for you otherwise you can select premium subscription. Thanks for reading do share and leave your feedback.

How to root your Android Device without PC ?

Rooting android is great way to unblock the world of customization of android device. Generally android device comes with stock android and after using it for few days every android user got bored with its default UI and style and if you are one of them then you should root your android Smartphone. But wait let me explain what Android Rooting exactly is? In one word rooting means get root access of your android device. By default android device comes with some limitation and don’t give full root access to the users and by rooting your device you’ll get full root access of your device and you are free to use your device.

But Why to Root Android Device? Pros and Cons of Rooting

Rooting android will give you full root access that means you can customize your device according to your needs; you can remove bloatware from your android device, you can install some custom ROMs which can make your android device more impressive and attractive, also there are lots of interesting apps available which is  only built for rooted android device so if you root your android then you can install those root apps and games on your device too and also after rooting you can uninstall unnecessary system apps from your device which will make your device free .


But with these advantages there are also some disadvantages too. If you root your android then it will void your device warranty so if your device is under warranty period then you should not root your device otherwise you’ll not get warranty from the company. During rooting your device if there any fault then your device will be bricked so you should take care of these things before rooting your device.

Should I Root My device? Is it safe to Root Android?

Don’t ask this question to anyone you should ask yourself because it’s totally depends upon you and your needs. If you want to unlock the android and want to customize your device then you should root your device . But if you worried about device bricked or have confusion to root your device and also worried about warranty of your device then you should not root your device.

How to root your Android Device without PC ?

Well if you’ve decided to root your device and looking forward a way to root your device without pc then don’t go anywhere just check the below steps and root your device without computer.

  • Download KingoRoot appfrom XDA Developer forum you can simply google it and download the apk.
  • Make sure you’ve allowed your device to install the app from unknown sources and then install the Kingo Root app on you device .
  • Once you’ve installed , just run the app on your device and tap on Root and wait for few seconds. Once your device is rooted it will show you your device is rooted.
  • That’s it now you are done.

There are many more apps available to root your android without pc but kingoroot app is the best and easy to use.